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Considered one of the most ancient Indian medicinal science, Ayurved had its beginning some more than 5000 years back. One of the main Ayurved concept is that it aids in the process of personalizing the healing process. Ayurvedic concepts reveal that human body is actually composed of four basic elements, these are dosha , dhatu ,mala and agni. These are basically referred to as Mool Siddhant or the basic fundamentals of Ayurveda. Ashtanga Ayurved provides an awareness regarding the Ayurvedic branches. It is a vast science and it has been branched out for the sake of convenience. This is collectively called Ashtang Ayurved. Read on the following lines to know more about the eight branches of Ayurvedic science.

About Ashtang Ayurved facts:
Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)- Kaya actually means the living human body, which means the visible body as well as the subtle body. This this particular branch, all the diseases if the body are included like fever and other symptoms.
Bala chikitsa- (Pediatrics)-Bala-chikitsa is that branch of Ayurveda, that mainly deals with children.

The diseases that mainly attack the children are treated and cure is provided in Bala-chikitsa.
Graha chikitsa- Bhoot Vidya (Psychiatry)- this mainly deals with the branch or subdivision of Ayurveda regarding the management of psychological disorders of human beings produced as a result of intrusion of spirits.
Shalya chikitsa (Surgery)- this particular branch is the branch of ancient Indian surgery that gives the detail about the pre-operative procedures, general procedures, post-operative procedures, marma's and also about anesthesia. The description of the types of bandages, shastra (sharp instruments), yantras (blunt instruments), and sutures (stitches) has been accounted in this surgery.
Urdhvanga chikitsa- basically related with the treatment of eyes, ears, nose, throat and head.
Damstra chikitsa- this is the branch that deals with the science of poisons.
Jara chikitsa-Rasayana (Gerentorology)-this is a kind of rejuvenating therapy which promotes rejuvenation of mind in a healthy person and is a potential disease curer.
Vrishya chikitsa (vajikarana) (Aphrodisiacs)-this is another branch that deals with drugs that are mainly used for improving fertility situation in the human body. They serve as good aphrodisiacs and are good for inducing immediate sense of pleasurable excitement, along with increased fertile seminal secretions. Besides the mentioned benefits, it also helps to increase the strength and stamina of the person.

It is very important to be aware of the Ayurvedic benefits and incorporate its usage in our as much as possible. This has even attained much success due to the rising human state of mind that is prone to get affected by the consistent environmental state.
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