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India is well known for many things and Ayurved India is one aspect that needs special mention. Ayurved basically means the science of life. It is one of the traditional medicine of India. Considered a natural science it is very much popular in India and also around the globe. The basis of the ayurved doe not depend on the dead or organic chemical substances or even the mechanistic and materialistic view of the human body. What is important in the ayurvedic concept of lifestyle is its deep communion with the spirit itself. It also paves for the understanding of the life force movement. One of the main focus of Ayurved India is to present the world with an alternative to the technical and mechanical model of modern medicine. Ayurvedic treatments are truly holistic medicine whose wealth is simply over whelming. This truth ha been acknowledged by the west and is also explored by the Western world.

Facts about Ayurved India:
It can be said that Ayurved is not just a folk medicine of a kind. It is a serious science that originated in the realms of India and has managed too survive and is still going strong with its concept.

This particular science is based on the observation of living being and the reaction to the surrounding environment. It may be mentioned that the classification is made not only on the individuals but also climates, foods, herbs, emotions, and lifestyles in an energetic language. It also helps in reflecting the entire living world around us. Ayurved possesses the longest clinical experience that any medicine system can have. Ayurved India, has the history of Ayurvedic hospitals and colleges that goes back to over three thousand years. It also has the science of anatomy and physiology that follows the ritualistic model based upon the biological humors. It also has an exhaustible herbal and mineral industry that includes the a wade range of the herbal and pharmaceutical preparation in the world. These comprise of herbal wines, jellies, confections, resins, balsams, pills, and an extensive system of mineral preparation. There are special clinical methods that includes the oil massage, and Pancha Karma purification use of steam therapy, and rejuvenation. Most importantly, the science is a science of self-care that also covers the entire methodology of right living. The ayurved in India is also responsible for good health and promoting greater awareness and creativity. This is all done by following the constitutional model that considers the uniqueness of the fundamental factor in health and certainly not the disease itself. It is important to mention that while the western medicine has focused mainly on the pathogens and outside control of the diseases, Ayurved actually concentrates on the individual and control the balance from inside.

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