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Ayurved is known to human beings from time unmemorable. It is the most ancient type of treatment of various diseases. Indians have been using this method of treatment from ancient times. By Ayurved, it is generally referred to Ayurvedic medicine. In modern days too, it has been used mostly by people of Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. The meaning of Ayurved means the knowledge of life or, more prominently, the knowledge of long life. So, it can be said that it is associated with the well being of human mankind. The ancient books refer this system of treating different diseases. Different Ayurvedic Events occur throughout the year all over the world. Nowadays, the Ayurved is being implemented in some other countries, than what is mentioned above, one of the prominent being United States of America.

Right from the beginning of the coming year, 2008, there are lots of Ayurvedic Events, which will take place at different cities, all over the world. This article is based on some of the prominent Ayurvedic Events.

In the month of January and February, one of the popular Ayurvedic Events will occur in the name of 'Panacea', the venue being World Trade Centre at Mumbai in India.

Ayurvedic medical practitioners all over the world will be attending this session. The discussions will be cased on natural products. The scientists will be exchanging their views on how to heal people with the help of natural Ayurvedic treatments.

Later in the coming year, in the month of March, another prominent of the Ayurvedic Events of 2008 will occur at Anaheim in United States of America. The session will be at Anaheim Convention Center. The name of this seminar is 'Natural products Expo West'. It is clear by the name that it will deal with the natural products and issues like, wellness industries and global health will also be in consideration.

China, another place famous for Ayurved medicines, will also organize one Ayurvedic Event, in the month of May. It will take place in Shanghai. The suppliers and customers will meet face to face, which will be of great help in demand and supply. The name of this seminar is 'Biofach China'.

Some other Ayurvedic Events are scheduled to occur at new Delhi in India, Hong Kong in China, Philippines, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Brazil and some other at different places in United States of America.

These seminars are sure to bring much more improvement in the field of Ayurved and by exchange of views, new types of treatment will be introduced, which will be more effective in treating various diseases and lead towards well being of mankind.

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