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The term Ayurveda originates from the Sanskrit language. It refers to a healing therapy based on the cognitive health care of body and the spirit. According to the ayurvedic school of health care, every person has unique requirements for achieving a state of equilibrium in terms of mind and body. This need is never the same for two individuals. Food is necessary not just for energy but also for body building. Food or diet forms a crucial part in ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic food typically refers to foot items prepared from herbs and other vegetation. When it comes to achieving the all-important balance in terms of spirit and the bodily disposition of an individual, ayurvedic food plays the most significant part. Those who practice ayurvedic healing methods always prescribe different diet charts for the patients under their supervision. This personalized diet helps an individual to combat his or her health complications. Ayurvedic food or ayurvedic diet is determined on the basis of quite a few factors. First of all it depends on the person's age and gender.

What is prescribed to a young man is never allotted to an aged person. It has been scientifically proved that dietary requirements in males are greater than that in females, because of body weights. The dosha is another important factor to determine the food chart for an individual who is undergoing ayurvedic treatment. It might be noted that different individuals show different signs and inclinations to dosha. Other factors include the level of toxins in the blood, strength of the body tissues and the digestive capabilities. The practitioners of Ayurveda or alternative medicine take this issue of digestive capabilities very seriously while laying down customized ayurvedic food charts for their clients.

Ayurvedic food makes this healing method one of the exhaustive systems of health care within the conventional school of medicine. While other medication lays emphasis on the widespread usage of synthetic or chemical drugs to treat maladies, Ayurveda has been maintaining a firm posture in terms of what to choose and what to get rid of from the list of effective medicines. Ayurvedic food, needless to mention, belongs to the category of the most potent weapons of treatment.

Ayurvedic methods of treatment demand certain disciplines. Your treatment will hardly fetch the intended result unless you abide by a few simple rules. You need to take your food on time. This is the first prerequisite which you cannot afford to do without. Apart from taking food on time, you also have to be very careful about what you should ideally take and what you should not.

Dietary requirements differ from person to person. In ayurvedic Medicare, food should only be taken when the previously taken food has been digested fully. Follow these simple laws of life and you are welcome to lead your life on a happy and sound note.

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