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India is home to a mix forests and greeneries aplenty which gives the world the goodness of health and rejuvenative methods with the help of medical as well as organic herbs. The abundance of these herbs led to the inception of the very herbal branch of medicine known as Ayurveda several centuries back. Despite the growth in the world of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicines, the importance of Ayurveda and the Ayurved organic herbs is recognized even in the world today. The goodness of these herbs is incomparable and therefore in order to obtain them, enthusiasts and doctors from across the globe travel far and wide. The benefits of these Ayurved organic herbs are plentiful, but rejuvenation as well as keeping one in good health is the reason why these herbs are so extensively preferred the world over. From dietary changes to lifestyle and emotional steadiness, these herbs help to achieve all of these to bring about an overall balance in life. Read on to know all about these Ayurved organic herbs.

Some of the most well known Herbs that are used for the purpose of Ayurvedic treatment include:

Cumin - This has very spicy and effective aroma which is used for providing relief to any kind of exhaustion as well as provide stimulation to the metabolism procedure to the obese.

Cypress - This has a very refreshing fragrance that helps in the purpose of restoring the bodily senses and toning as well. It provides relief from pain in the abdomen area especially during times of menstruation. If applied mixed with oil on the area with cellulite, it can be very effective.

Angelica Root - Available in nations such as India, France, Germany and Hungary, this root is usually extensively used in making perfume as well as in aromatherapy. Its earthy smell helps in the processes of restoring of senses as well as getting one out of depression.

Asarabacca - A very rare kind of herb, this is used for making tonics as well as stimulants and the dried part of the leaves are used to make cephalic snuffs to provide relief from headache, cold and others. It can also be used to cure snake bites.

Some of the other very important Ayurved organic herbs include Frankincense, Lantana, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Tangerine, Amaranths, Arrach (Halberd-Leaved), Herbal Tea and many others. All of these are used for various different purposes and each of them is extremely effective in their respective areas of usage. Being herbal, these herbs usually do not have side effects but in the case of a few, there can be minimal side effects which can be checked if dosage is taken in moderation.

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