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Ayurvedic Retreats in India

Ayurveda has opened up a fresh window of tourism in India. The fact that Ayurveda shares a unifying bondage with nature makes it clear that majority of the ayurvedic retreats in India are set up around the beaches in Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. With the popularity of the ayurvedic ways of healthcare gaining momentum, a new term 'wellness tourism' has been coined lately. Millions of people afflicted by various ailments keep rushing to the ayurvedic retreats in India, in search of the all-important clues to a better living and overall well being.

Ayurveda adopts a holistic approach towards healthcare. The ayurvedic means of treatment focus on intuitive diagnosis. According to the ayurvedic schools of Medicare, each individual is seen as a combination of mind, spirit and body. If you closely examine the term Ayurveda from an etymological point of view, you will get to know that Ayurveda has its origin in the ancient Vedic scriptures. It means a culmination of knowledge on life and living. There is a practical wisdom associated with this term.

Ancient Indian sages and wise men used the natural herbs to provide the panacea for many health complications. Modern India has taken a leaf out of the past and introduced ayurvedic retreats for its domestic as well as international guests. As the ayurvedic retreats in India have sprouted like mushrooms virtually everywhere, the overall tourism industry has also been experiencing a real boom in terms of financial profits. The best thing is that many other industries have grown surrounding the root sector of medical tourism.

Ayurvedic resorts in India conduct plenty of integrated health packages for the health freaks. The healthcare programs offered at the ayurvedic retreats in India are based on the use of herbal products. The staffs are well educated about the particulars of Ayurvedic treatment and the basic as well as customized requirements of the clients. The package tours provide a refreshing break from the humdrum monotony of day-to-day existence and take the tourists to a world characterized by wellness of mind and body.

The Yoga packages conducted by the ayurvedic retreats in India have recently come to the forefront in the medical tourism map. The Rishikesh Yoga tour is one of the mentionable ayurvedic programs in India. The tour operators offer a comprehensive Yoga session comprising of Asana, Antara Mauna, Yoga Nidra and singing of devotional songs. There are Yoga cultural package tours as well, allowing the tourists to get assimilated with the cultural significance of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic retreats in India aim at rejuvenating the fatigued body and diseased soul by restoring the balance of three basic elements: air, fire and phlegm. An ayurvedic massage often provides a relief to the tired muscles. Generally herbal oils extracted from castor, neem, mustard and camphor are used in ayurvedic massages. The use of oils depends on the nature of the disease being treated.

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