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The ancient Indian treatise the Charaka Samhita is considered to be the most reliable source of ayurvedic treatment. All the pertinent facts about ayurvedic treatment have been laid down in details in this book. According to the Charak Samhita, human bodies are of eight different categories when it comes to having a natural affinity to develop various diseases. Obesity is one of the major causes behind a number of health issues. There are many cases to support this statement. It's been often seen that an overweight person is prone to acute ailments of the heart and liver. Majority of cardiac failure cases have their roots deeply seated in health factors that are found in obese. In medical terms, obesity refers to a diseased condition of the health when increased fat occurs in the adipose tissue of the human body. The ayurvedic weight loss therapies offer a comprehensive healthcare solution to obesity and related health hazards.

If your body develops excess fat, the normal functioning of the kidneys, liver and heart is bound to get hindered.

Ayurvedic weight loss therapies can provide you with the all-important clues as to how you can get rid of that extra weight to remain hale and hearty. Gaining extra weight also puts your bone joints in severe strain. The obese, as seen in most cases, becomes increasingly susceptible to numerous ailments such as high blood pressure, gout, coronary thrombosis, gall bladder and liver disorders and so on. Ayurveda at first aims at finding out the primary causes of obesity and then to repel those syndromes effectively.

The main causes of obesity are irregular eating habits, excessive eating and taking food containing too much of fatty elements. According to the ayurvedic weight loss treatment methods, an individual must try to guard against these three crucial factors. Any individual struck with the problems of obesity must keep his eating habits in check. Regular exercise also helps losing the extra weight.

The dietary habit of an individual plays a significant role in the ayurvedic weight loss therapy. The practitioners of this school of medicine advise to take food several times a day, or in other words, to break up one's diet chart in such a way that only a small amount of food is taken at a particular eating session. It helps in proper digestion. Ideally an overweight person should take food six times a day: early morning, breakfast, midway into the morning, lunch, afternoon and dinner.

Other prospective measures for ayurvedic weight loss include:

  • Frequent (if possible, regular) consumption of carrot juice
  • Taking mint leaves
  • Taking low calorie foods with lots of fruits and an adequate amount of water
  • Refraining from potato or rice or any food item that contains carbohydrate
  • Regular intake of fresh and green vegetables

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