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Yoga & Ayurved belongs to that particular category of medical science that dates back more than thousand of years back. One of the most oldest and complex exercise systems, Yoga is many years old. Focusing on the breath control and balancing the body in steady position , in Yoga, relaxation and stability can be attained by following some of the basic rules. For a long time, Yoga & Ayurved have been closely aligned. However one of the main difference that exists is that Yoga is concerned with physiology, Ayurved deals with pharmacology. It also needs to be mentioned that Ayurveda is attributed the status of a medical science that had its origin in India, few thousand years ago. It is also considered a holistic approach that has catered to solve many health problems by recognizing the importance of mind-body balance. Ayurveda has been also recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective system of medicine.

Facts related to the concepts of Ayurved:
Now though it is hard to believe that Yoga & Ayurved are two different entity, in reality, it is.

There exists some researched difference between the two of them. The concept of ayurveda presents that every individual has his own bodily system which is called prakruti (nature). Each individual has a different nature all together and this is responsible for its fate and nature of the entity. The whole ayurvedic system is configured in such a way that normal equilibrium is maintained by following a certain type of lifestyle and supplementing the inadequacy whereby the equilibrium is maintained. It is also a well known system that can be linked by healthy lifestyle and high level of thinking thus creating gestures of pleasure and ecstasy in body. One of the major idea behind Ayurved is that it believes in the external, eternal and also the internal elements as well. Both the physical and physic level is treated in kind of approach to the body.

Benefits of Yoga & Ayurved:
Ayurveda has different kinds of benefits and these are now exposed to the western world. This has gained much popularity and curiosity in other parts of the world. Many people have even taken the concept with a view of getting success in life. Though improvement rate differs from person to person, it does make a different to some extent. People are deriving huge benefits using ayurvedic techniques and concepts. Yoga too is not far behind and has been creating waves in different parts of the world. The Ayurvedic massages and panchkarma techniques or processes. The different kind of Ayurvedic formulations and the herbal have successfully paved a new direction towards Yoga & Ayurved which has the ability of curing and providing treatments naturally.
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